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New Brunswick GIS Job Links

  • Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors - Fredericton, New Brunswick; The Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors has the mandate of regulating and governing the profession of Land Surveying in NB; Career Opportunities.

  • Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre - Sackville, New Brunswick; To assemble and provide objective and understandable data and expertise about species and ecological communities of conservation concern, including those at risk, and undertake field biological inventories to support decision-making, research, and education in Atlantic Canada; current job postings.

  • CARIS - Fredericton, New Brunswick ; a leading developer of Geomatics Software used in the management, analysis and presentation of spatial data ; Career Opportunities. .

  • New Brunswick Public Service - Fredericton , New Brunswick; New Brunswick is the largest of Canada's three Maritime provinces. It is located under Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula and beside the State of Maine. New Brunswick was one of the first provinces, along with Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia, to join together to form the Dominion of Canada in 1867. New Brunswick has experienced immigration on a smaller scale from all over the world, and today boasts a varied and increasingly multicultural population ;Past job postings: GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER/ANALYST ; GIS software:GIS mapping, photo mosaics; current job postings .

  • Last updated on May 23, 2015