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BC Games Jobs and Employers

  • A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games - Vancouver, BC; Founded in 2004, A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games Inc. is an independent game development studio built by industry vets Daniel "Funky" Swadling and Jesse Joudrey who have gathered around them an outstanding team of some of the best talent in the industry. ; Career Opportunities.

  • airG - Vancouver, British Columbia; airG is the world's leading mobile social entertainment provider, with more than 55 million unique users in 40 countries. airG's mobile social entertainment products and services generate billions of page impressions each month and have a proven track record of increasing customer affinity for more than 100 mobile operators including the Telefonica Group, Telstra, Orange Group, Vodafone, AT&T and Telcel. airG is one of British Columbia's Top 55 Employers and one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People.; Career Opportunities.

  • Atimi Software - Vancouver, BC; Atimi has built apps for the some of the biggest brands in the world.; current job postings.

  • Alea Software - Vancouver, BC; Welcome to Alea Software, a gaming development house known for its leading edge consumer games, revolutionary gaming platform, and advanced ecommerce system.; current job postings.

  • A Thinking Ape - Vancouver, BC; A Thinking Ape builds seriously addictive mobile apps, and is one of the top grossing developers on the Apple App Store worldwide. We are a small group of ambitious software engineers who value ownership, creative freedom, data driven decisions and meritocracy over hierarchy.; Career Opportunities.

  • Bardel Entertainment - Vancouver, BC ; Founded over 20 years ago in Vancouver, Canada, Bardel Entertainment has consistently delivered leading edge media and entertainment for children and families. The company has a strong track record of adapting to the changing trends in animation and media production, and continues this tradition today as it further expands into convergent and interactive properties.; Career Opportunities.

  • BigPark - Vancouver, BC Canada; BigPark lives in the Crosstown neighborhood of downtown Vancouver, nestled between hip Gastown and chic Yaletown. We are a short stroll away from restaurants, bars, shops, the seawall, as well as two major sports and event locations. We have great access to rapid transit as well as bus routes. ; Career Opportunities.

  • CGTV Games - Vancouver, BC; CGTV Games will be unique in the Online Gaming industry, offering its customers not only world class software to operate and manage Online Gaming sites. By working as a community, with you, we will provide you with cutting edge quality multimedia programming. ; Career Opportunities.

  • Deep Fried Entertainment - Vancouver, BC; Deep Fried Entertainment (DFE) is a Wii, DS, and PSP development studio in Vancouver, BC. Formed June 2005, DFE is an EA "breakaway start up" born of past Need for Speed (NFS) leads. DFE is proud to have shipped four titles for publishers Sega of America and Take Two Sports.; Career Opportunities.

  • Electronic Arts - Burnaby, British Columbia; Edmonton, Alberta; Montréal, Quebec; Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, wireless devices and the Internet.; Career Opportunities.

  • Eos Systems Inc. - Vancouver, British Columbia; Eos Systems Inc. is a world leader in advanced 3D measurement and imaging technology. As the developers of the acclaimed PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner software products, we have applied our expertise to help industry model and measure objects and scenes with practical application.; Career Opportunities.

  • Flashman Studios - Vancouver, BC ; Flashman Studios is a business management firm that represents game developers, intellectual property, and game publishers in the video game industry. We bring it all together for our clients, a one-stop shop of value–added services to enable the strategic positioning, marketing, business development and creative deal-making they need to grow their business. As a client-driven company our focus is to build long-term value in our client companies – one deal at a time.; Career Opportunities.

  • Hothead - Vancouver, British Columbia; Hothead is an independent game developer and publisher based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Career Opportunities.

  • IUGO Mobile Entertainment - Vancouver, BC; Founded in late 2003, IUGO Mobile Entertainment is an independent studio specializing in the design, development and deployment of premium games for smartphones; Career Opportunities.

  • Jet Black Games - Vancouver, BC; Jet Black Games is an independent video game developer and technology provider, specialized in developing original and licensed IP for the Nintendo DS and Wii; Career Opportunities.

  • Kalador - Brentwood Bay, BC; Kalador operates the free and independent MobileRated App Store and creates the innovative enabling technologies that power it. ; Career Opportunities.

  • KANO/APPS - Victoria, BC; At KANO/APPS we build more than just games, we create a vibrant world centered around play, connecting millions of people from every corner of the world. ; Career Opportunities.

  • Kerberos Productions - Vancouver, BC; As a company, Kerberos has established a reputation in the gaming industry of applying their experience of developing A+ titles towards a new, high standard of gameplay with low production overhead.; Career Opportunities.

  • Klei Entertainment - Vancouver, British Columbia ; Klei was built because we want to build games that we care about. When talented, creative people can work toward that goal, amazing things happen. We can create an endearing off-the-wall puzzle game. We can redefine what an oldschool beat-em-up is. We can create products that live up to your childhood memories of your coolest games.; Career Opportunities.

  • Koolhaus Games Inc. - Vancouver, B.C. ; Koolhaus Games Inc. represents the integration of the four elements of making games: design, code, art and sound. We are a multi-cultural mixture of seasoned veterans and talented new recruits from the video game, film, television and music industries. Our two divisions, Koolhaus Games Inc. and Koolhaus Interactive Inc., focus on casual (mobile, downloadable, web) and Next Gen cross-platform games respectively. ; Career Opportunities.

  • Magellan Interactive, Inc. - Vancouver, BC ; Established in 1998, Magellan Interactive, Inc. entered the entertainment software industry making family and edutainment software. Over these years, Magellan has been able to establish themselves as a top developer growing with the industry and its technologies. Magellan has developed titles on over 10 platforms and across more than 5 genres. Additionally, we have been able to continue our growth and experiences by establishing excellent working relationships with top tier publishers such as Electronic Arts and handling licensed projects ranging from Lord of the Rings to SpongeBob SquarePants to the NFL.; Career Opportunities.

  • Magnetar Games - Vancouver B.C.; Magnetar's goal is to create an interactive Internet gaming community that brings together games, players, and companies of all types. A key to this strategy is unprecedented support for the outstanding creative potential of the online gaming body. Gamers like to create, and our goal is to provide authoring systems that allow even a non-programmer to become more involved in his playing experience. By providing professional game development tools and software frameworks that are compatible with easy to use, user-friendly tools, game artisans of all talents can participate at the level of their interest and ability.; Career Opportunities.

  • Next Level Games - Vancouver, BC; Next Level Games is an independent video game developer based in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past decade, we have developed award winning titles for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. ; Career Opportunities.

  • Nintendo Canada - Vancouver, BC; Nintendo is a multinational corporation that manufactures console and handheld gaming devices, as well first party games.; Career Opportunities.

  • PhoeniX Technologies Inc. - Burnaby, B. C.; Capturing 3D motions with unparalleled ease AND precision are what still drive PhoeniX Technologies Inc. forward. PTI was founded in BC, Canada by Dr. Chris Ma in 1996 with the vision to create a superior motion-tracking system for the delivery of high quality real-time 3D motion data. ; Contact Info.

  • Piranha Games Inc. - Vancouver, BC; Piranha Games Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman, two passionate gamers in their own right, who set out to create the 'perfect' company. This would ultimately include enviable corporate alliances, the pick of the best talent Vancouver has to offer, and an impressive company resume of exciting titles.; Career Opportunities.

  • Radical Entertainment - Vancouver, BC; We make video games. Formed in 1991, we've seen it all from titles for Sega Genesis, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Playstation, Xbox , Wii, PS3 and X360. With over 30 million units sold, we continue to keep it simple… create great games, learn and have fun!; Career Opportunities.

  • Rainmaker Entertainment - Vancouver, BC; Rainmaker Entertainment is a multi-faceted animation studio that innovatively creates and produces compelling characters and timeless stories for a global audience.; Career Opportunities.

  • Reach Games - Vancouver, BC; Reach Games is a full-service gaming and entertainment studio. From concept to development and production, Reach delivers high-quality results. We have expertise in:Game design and production, Art asset generation and concept design, CG modeling, animation and rigging, Flash design and animation, Video production and motion graphics ; Career Opportunities.

  • Relic Entertainment - Vancouver, BC; Relic Entertainment is a leading edge developer of electronic entertainment software. ; Career Opportunities.

  • Rockstar Games - Oakville, ON; Vancouver, BC; The Rockstar Games label was founded in 1998 to create the most innovative and progressive interactive entertainment. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.; Career Opportunities.

  • Smoking Gun - Vancouver, BC; The team at Smoking Gun is developing innovative cross-platform titles that we believe will help shape the future of interactive entertainment. ; Career Opportunities.

  • United Front Games - Vancouver, BC Canada; We have a proven track record of running successful video game development teams that produced quality titles, on time, within budget, every time.; Career Opportunities.

Last updated on September 18, 2014